Smoke and Ink

by Vorecannibal

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smoke and ink spurting from my eyelids, sent to drown out microscopic and
microcosmic indications that im somehow wrong in all my speculations and
observations about the people surrounding me and the ones i hold close to myself
its that they dont hate me or find me responsible for their misery when ive
clearly set off the imaginary trigger spawning the constant suffering brought
upon me. it cant be anything else

fuckin 7 24 whatchu need that money for
call me crazy call me stupid call me anything but vore
rockin 3 and 65 calling all youve left behind
running out of options when youre ruling out a homicide

running out of air and still you taking deep breaths
like an animal a cannibal you gaze upon her pink breasts
printing out the bible like you just made up the ink press
better get some listerine your garlic gave you stink breath

worrying for vampires thats a myth but called tradition
canceling the credit when youre treating your own sons condition
talkin to my therapist she hang a sign say gone fishin
psychiatric ward like a sniper on a repo mission

nothing gonna stop me when im breaking off the chain mail
someones getting drunk because im cookin up a cocktail
talkin sense to me is like youre barkin up the wrong trail
sympathizers shot hang the survivors by a dogs tail

hopin for a miracle to kill my motherfuckin fear
lookin to the future but i see that theres nobody here
acting like im smart because in real life im nowhere near
spitting all these verses that i know nobody wants to hear





Ante Meridiem Arariki, Kiribati

Records from the dark. Stay awake ☾

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